The band was originally formed from a Music and Drama Workshop which aimed to bring together the talents of young people in the church. The idea was to generate ideas for witnessing the gospel message through different art forms. Later on as various people came and went, those left decided not to continue with the drama and reform as a smaller music group, committed to performing original songs with the purpose of spreading the Word. Two members of the band 'Six of One' (Andy de Witt and Tim Stephens) were involved in the early days, giving it quite a folk rock influence while deWitt contributed most of the original songs, and inspired others to pick up the pen.

           The LORD God, our Almighty Father, for making it all happen; St Albans and Newbury ecclesias for allowing us to use their halls to practice, the Churchill family for letting us use their studio; Becky Chambers, Fleur Elliot, Mark Gates, Mark Gates' dad, Margaret Green, Kevin Bateman, Jon the photocopier guy, for their driving involvement in the music workshop/band; Martyn Ramsden, Tim Stephens, Andrew de Witt, Andy Delin, Coren Tanner, David and Debby Fenton, Richard and Sarah Downton, Alan Howarth, Jonny Mundey, for their involvement and inspiration over the years; Jeff Neate, April Stock, Tony Heasman, for help at recent gigs; our parents, families and loved ones for putting up with us and supporting us; Julian at Delta Studios; and Jason Grant at fifth + missing media group for all the help with the new website, despite us constantly changing our minds.


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